Welcome to the AASDN WA Tool Library.

What is the AASDN WA Tool Library?

The AASDN WA tool library enables members to gain access to special tools, diagnostic equipment and technical information that make complex repairs on modern vehicles possible. This means time and cost savings to YOU, the business owner and no more lost customers. This is just one of the ways AASDN WA are working hard for YOU, our members!


What are the advantages?


Where are the tools located?

The tools are located in various workshops covering the Perth metropolitan area.

Can I add a tool to the Tool Library?

Yes! This is what makes the AASDN tool library great! Members can share their tools and at the same time, receive payment for the hire of their tool. It’s a win-win situation for all AASDN WA members.

What happens if a tool is lost or damaged?

I don’t know? What do we do here, should there be some formal agreement?

How does the tool delivery service work?

AASDN WA have partnered with Imparts and Burson Auto Parts to offer all AASDN WA members a FREE pickup and delivery service. Simply fill in the tool hire form and an AASDN WA representative will arrange delivery, collection and send you an invoice for payment. It’s that easy!!