ET 8282 Fiat Alfa Romeo Timing tool Kit

$22 per week

Engine timing tool kit for Alfa Romeo / Fiat vehicles with multiair engines. These include Alfa Romeo Guilietta | Mito models, Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade.

Engine: 1.4L MultiAir

Engine codes: 55263623 | 55263624 | 940A2 | 955A7 | EAM

Engine Code(s)

955A7, 940A2, EAM, 55263623, 55263624

Vehicle Make Model Series Engine Code Engine Size Year Start Year End
FIAT 500X 55263623 1.4L 2015 2018
FIAT 500X 55263624 1.4L 2015
Alfa Romeo Giulietta 940A2 1.4L 2011
Alfa Romeo Mito 940A2 1.4L 2010
Alfa Romeo Mito I 940A2000 1.4L 2010 2014
Alfa Romeo Mito II 940A2000 1.4L 2014
Alfa Romeo Giulietta 940A2000 1.4L 2012
Alfa Romeo Mito 955A7 1.4L 2010
Jeep Renegade EAM 1.4L 2015
7 Day Rental Period
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