Air Valve Spring Compressor – 4132

$TBD per week

Valve spring compressor tool. 

Tool Owner :– Auto Response 92502266

Tool Hire Terms:– this tool is hired between The owner and the hirer. Please contact the owner to hire this tool.

Hire cost:– 25.00 inc GST per day

Instructions:– N/A


This tool is designed to assist in replacing valve stem seals without removing the cylinder head. The tool works by applying compressed air to the combustion chamber, forcing the valves closed and thus holding them up so you can replace valve springs/stem seals.

Simply hook the tool up to your workshop air line, put your piston on BDC and away you go.

Other Information: these tools are designed to compress and release valve springs after removing the collets with the heads still fitted, fits on some models not all.

Member to Member Hire